Wednesday, October 10, 2007

D1 Football Success Stories

D1 Football would like to help you advance. Not only do we have a strong faith our program, but we also believe many other things that directly affect our passion to see you reach your goals…

D1 Football believes that every young man, that is seven or in eleventh grade, deserves our full attention and passion.

We believe that in 90 SECONDS, We can change the way a young man thinks about the way he wants to play out his football career.

We believe that in the soul and heart of every young man in this country, athlete or not,…… is the someone just looking for a chance. They want no guarantees. They just want someone to tell them what opportunities lie ahead, show them how to achieve it, and then believe in them enough to let them try.

What do you believe?

Here are some guys playing at the next level that believed in D1 and our philosophy, we believed in them, but more importantly they believed in themselves:

Brigham VanEtten (West Geauga '07), WR - University of Akron

Jerome Royal (Cleve Hts '07), WR - University of Akron

Nate Schkurko (Twinsburg '07), Long/Short Snapper - Youngstown State University

Jim McDonald (Riverside '07), LB - Ashland University

Justin Jones (NDCL '07), LB - Ashland University

Sam Fikaris (Mayfield '07), DL - California University of Pennsylvania

We've been where you guys want to go and we truly believe that we can help you get there. It's not easy and it's not all on us either. We make no guarantees, but if YOU want it bad enough and YOU put in your effort to strive toward your dream then there's no telling where you can go. Maybe a scholarship, maybe an invited walk-on or maybe advice if you want to walk-on yourself. We've done those things and our experience will take you farther than any recruiter in a suit that never played the game or took the journey. We have associates with our team that have played and coached high school, college and professional football. Together we have well over 30 years of experience with this great sport.

You have to commit. You have to be willing to do your best, first at home, then in school and then on the football field. Do not slack off in your studies. Pay attention at practice and then play your hearts out on the weekends. Be sure to take part in all that D1 has to offer. The Ultimate Football Combine held each June (plus the FREE baseline event in February), get signed up on the website and get your profile (your football resume) started NOW. Talk to your counselors at school and get the ball rolling on your NCAA Clearinghouse information. GET WITH US AND TALK FOOTBALL AND TAKING YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!


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