Thursday, October 4, 2007

D1 "Ballers" getting it done!

You can look at stats and think WOW that kid is great depending on his TOTAL stats. This is high school football NOT the NFL. Look at the AVERAGES and what the kids do WHEN THEY GET A CHANCE TO PASS, CARRY OR CATCH THE BALL.

First let's look at quarterback ratings. These are the top QBs in the area based on the NFL, NCAA and AFL (arena) QB rating systems. Remember a RATING is factual, a RANKING is subject to human error.

1. Howard Drake (Euclid), NFL - 120.3, NCAA - 174.9, AFL - 114.7
2. Vinny Hokavar (Perry), NFL - 119.7, NCAA - 183.6, AFL - 116.16
3. McConnell Smith (University), NFL - 117.1, NCAA - 172.1, AFL - 109.1

For those thinking what I think you're thinking...
Bart Tanski (Mentor), NFL - 106.1, NCAA - 154.2, AFL - 99.8

Now check these D1 kids out. Just some random stats and averages that are impressive.

Vinny Hokavar (Perry) 63/111 1119 yds passing 16 TD / 3 INT
Howard Drake (Euclid) 62/103 905 yds passing 14 TDS . 2 INT
Andre Wells (VASJ) 23/45 310 YDS passing 5 TDS / 1 INT

Kyle Petersen (Chardon) 83 rushes 740 YDS ( 8.9avg) 9TDS (11 total)
Toney Foster, Jr (VASJ) 96 rushes 554 YDS (5.8 avg) 6 TDS
Dan Goodrum (VASJ) 34 rushes 303 YDS (8.9 avg) 4 TDS (5 total)

These are just a sample of what kids are doing to help their teams. Remember look at the AVERAGES. That is a true measure as to what the kids are doing when they get the ball.

Congratulations guys. Keep playing your hearts out. Drive your teams into the post season. Inspire your teammates.

D1 Football will be watching you!

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