Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Few Notables on past D1 members....

....doing their thing in college!

D1 Football is proud of the relationship it has and has shared with our members and the student-athletes we've had the HONOR and PRIVILEGE of working with over the past few years. The last two seasons we've been thrilled to see these kids take their game to the next level, some of whom are already making an impact for their current college teams.

Here's a list of just some of the kids from northeast Ohio that we believed in and who believed in D1 Football:

Michael Hounshell (NDCL '08) Lake Erie College - Seeing playing time on offensive line.

Nick Viola (VASJ '08) Lake Erie College - Starting linebacker for the Storm.

Andre Laney (Twinsburg '08) Eastern Michigan - 'Dre is seeing some good playing time at defensive back for the Eagles this season as a freshman.

Nate Schkruko (Twinsburg '07) Youngstown State University - Playing at wide receiver and long snapper for the Penguins.

Brigham Van Etten (West Geauga '07) Gannon University - 3rd leading wideout for the Golden Knights of the PSAC.

Sam Fikaris (Mayfield '07) California of PA - Dominating nose tackle for the Vulcans who made it to the final four in NCAA Division-II last year.

Matt Guererri (NDCL '07) Davidson College - has seen a lot of playing time at defensive back this season for Davidson.

John Behm (Kenston '08) Davidson College - Has yet to see playing time.

Chad Hounshell (Lake Catholic '08) Central Florida - Has yet to see playing time.

Joe Gaglione (Lake Catholic '08) Iowa - Has yet to see playing time.

Devon Jennings (Euclid '08) Baldwin Wallace - 2nd leading receiver for Baldwin Wallace College this year so far.

Howard Drake (Euclid '08) Baldwin Wallace - Has yet to see any playing time at QB as of yet.

Jerome Royal (Cleveland Heights '07) University of Akron - Has yet to see playing time for the Zips.

Dan Goodrum (VASJ '08) Urbana University - Dan has yet to see playing time at linebacker for the Knights.

Ra'Mone Billings (VASJ '08) Urbana Univerity - Redshirt freshman wideout.

All in all their doing their part and we're sure we'll see the guys who haven't played yet in games soon as the course of growing up in college football and learning each team's program continues.

Though we get a chance to speak with most of them often, we wish you good luck and continued success. This is only a'll hear about more real soon.

D1 Football is watching!

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