Saturday, October 18, 2008

2008 Northeast Ohio High School Player of the Year award

Last year we trademarked this great award and it went to Randy Greenwood from Lake Catholic. Randy began this season in the running until an injury forced him to miss the entire 2008 season.

This season we've been looking at several worthy candidates, some of which include, but are not limited to: Tim Wetzel (Mayfield), Kellen Pagel (Strongsville), Ben Madden (Kirtland), Rossi Santo (Kirtland), Mike Hanhauser (Perry), Derrell McCaleb (Lakewood) and Andrew Holland (St. Ignatius) to name a handful.

This year's title sponsor of the award is Global Intermed. Our sponsor Oakley has also provided us with some gear for the package too. The winner will receive the trophy, a t-shirt, a performance football shield and a premium pair of sunglasses(with hard case) and a "Planet Pack" backpack to carry it home in. All from Oakley! (plus more to be added).

The Northeast Ohio High School Player of the Year trophy

Oakley "Flak Jacket XLJ" sunglasses

Oakley Performance Football Shield

"Planet Pack 2.0" backpack from Oakley

The winner will be determined like last year, through random surveys of coaches, players and fans at various games we attend as well as e-mail voting, website polls, etc. It is unique in that NO MEDIA sources vote for this award. Rather we have YOU do the voting and we make the announcement after the REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES making it also the first award of the year to be handed out.

Go to the website and vote, E-MAIL US at or catch us at a game this year and tell us who YOU think should be on the list.


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