Monday, February 2, 2009


Former Lake Catholic High School standout Randy Greenwood will sign his Letter of Intent to accept a scholarship at the University of Akron this week.

The 2008 season was pretty rough on Randy as a preseason leg injury prematurely ended his high school career. Through surgery and rigorous rehabilitation, RG is back up to speed and even playing basketball this season. There's no doubt in his level of conditioning and committment.

In 2007, Randy helped lead the Cougars to the D-III Region 9 Title and on into the State Semi-Finals where they would fall victim in the last minutes of the game to Licking Valley. No matter where he lined up on the field he was always a threat! Running back and defensive back were the norm, but throw in a little receiver, punter and quarterback and, well, he very much emulated his hero, "Superman" on the football field.

Talent runs very deep in the Greenwood family. Randy younger brothers are also very talented athletes at Fairport Harbor.

Now, Randy moves on from high school to take hold of his dream to play NCAA Division-I college football at the University of Akron. Coach Brookhart and the Zips have truly landed a class act on and off the football field.

Randy and several other prominant area high school players took part in several youth football camps to "give back" to the community. "He is never put out by helping out the younger kids when asked," says D1 Football Director of Football Operations Rusty Bliss, who's worked with Randy the past couple of years. "Randy well deserves this scholarship opportunity not only because of the type of athlete he is, but because of the type of young man he has become. He's gone through a year of hell and he's made his way back and now he's on the verge of taking the next big step towards his dream. He's a great role model for these younger players," said Bliss.

Randy will say goodbye to northeast Ohio high school football after graduation and become a piece in a bigger puzzle. The Zips have a new stadium and a new outlook for their future in the MAC. The team is geared up to win and the way that they stood by their committment to Randy after his leg injury shows nothing but class on the university's part. Coach Brookhart would love nothing better than to start building with local talent from northeast Ohio.

Look out Mid American Conference, Randy Greenwood is coming at you!

From those of us who have watched you up close grow over the years, we wish you nothing but the best in following your dream! Good luck RG.


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