Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Now's the Time!!

College coaches are going through the influx of film and transcripts they've received from now until after the bowl season ends and you should already have your "packages" in the mail. Don't fret if you haven't, you still have time. We can help you.

The SCOUT PACK from D1 Football has drawn great reviews from college coaches who know what they're looking for and they get a great preview of the student-athlete from the information provided in the SCOUT PACK. Dozens of coaches have seen it already this year and they truly appreciate the concept.

Your SCOUT PACK includes:
1. YOUR cover letter
2. YOUR athletic profile
3. A copy of YOUR highlight and game DVD
4. YOUR transcripts (if provided)
5. Letters of recommendation
6. Any relevant news articles
...bound together to use as a mailer or to take on college visits as YOUR athletic resume.

E-mail us at ufc@d1football.net or go to D1 Football for details.


If you order before January 1st
1 SCOUT PACK (6 packages) - $100.00
2 SCOUT PACKS (12 packages) - $150.00

We will put the package together for you, ship it to the college(s) of your choice and even provide a follow-up letter. We want you to get the most out of your athletic experience.

"The SCOUT PACK can be used as a mailer or as the centerpiece of your college visit!"


Anonymous said...

B.S. ---6 DVDs for only $100??

Anonymous said...

That's not bad. I'd get that for my kid and it saves me the run around and the leg work. What the hell. Hey if college coaches think it's cool then why not try it.

D1 Football said...

The photo is the original version which just underwent an upgrade, soon to be printed. Keep in mind the price includes the time and materials put into the most concise info package to benefit the student-athlete.