Thursday, September 25, 2008

Consider Kellen for Mr. Football Ohio

When you look at the season so far you have to consider Strongsville QB Kellen Pagel one of the candidates for Mr. Football Ohio after his red hot start this year along with his Mustangs.

6'3" 180 pounds together with poise, confidence and a really nice arm Kellen, the son of former Browns, Colts and Rams quarterback Mike Pagel has led the 'Stangs to a 4-1 start and he's comprised some impressive stats:

56 of 91 (62%) for 1,072 yards
8 TD's 2 int's
2 rushing TD's

His NCAA QB rating is 185.11, NFL rating would be 122.6 and in the AFL 115.3. Not bad at all for the first half of the 2008 season. He's even donned his father's number 10 (his own decision according to dad) and he's a fine young man on and off the field as well.

The team is tearing it up, despite a heart-breaking loss to St. Eds in the opener, and they are also atop the D1 Football DGD rankings. The senior quarterback from Strongsville needs to be highly considered among the kids in the running for this award.

Go to for updates on Kellen Pagel and the rest of northeast Ohio high school football all weekend and beyond!!...FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF FORMER PLAYERS AND CURRENT COACHES WHO LIVE THE GAME.


Mr ohio my ass said...

How can you even say hes a contender for mr. ohio? the kid hasn't done much of anything. hes not even in the recruiting 100 for ohio. get your facts strait

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? This kid is INCREDIBLE! If he hadn't been injured for his whole junior year, he'd have been noticed much earlier. Oh and get your spelling "straight" (that's with a G).

mr ohio my ass said...

Do you have any clue what it takes to be mr ohio? obviously not. Patrick Nicely is a far better QB, Pagel doesn't even compare to athleticism of Chris Feilds, Bud Golden is tearing the Cincinnati schools apart with his running game
This Pagel kid is far from incredible... How about he plays a good defense for once then you can see how "INCREDIBLE" the kid is. The toughest Defense he played was St Eds and well they consider this year an off year.. He will be lucky to LEAD strongsville past the first round and has no chance of making it past EDS OR IGNATIUS.

Anonymous said...

I've watched the highlight reels of Nicely and Pagel. No doubt that Nicely is a good athlete with very good speed. But I do see a difference in Pagel's ability to read defenses, throw a better ball to receivers on the run, and make a wider variety of throws. In the playoffs, he LED his team to a TD following 72 yard drive with 52 seconds just before halftime. He then threw another TD pass with 1:30 left in the game to secure the win. Again, not taking anything away from Nicely, but Pagel is a talented QB who is going to be a nice surprise for a Div 1 program next year...