Sunday, June 8, 2008

Meet the D1 Girls

You may have heard of them. Some of you may have even seen them or met them at a D1 event or tailgate party. The D1 Girls, Laura and Samantha. We are very honored to have had the opportunity to have them be a part of our company. They truly do help to brighten up the football landscape. The girls take part in the marketing and public relations side of D1 Football. Whether we are attending a clinic, hosting a combine or football event or throwing a tailgate party, Sam and Laura have been there to help us out. A good example is the Ultimate Football Combine, where the girls are mainly responsible for the check-in and character evaluation of the athletes. Last year we kicked off the season at The Charity Game series at Browns’ Stadium with a blowout tailgate party and the D1 Girls made our presence known throughout the stadium-wide parties handing out D1 information and meeting with area players and fans in attendance.

Laura and Samantha at The 2007 Reebok Coaches Clinic in Columbus

The D1 Girls with VASJ standouts Dan Goodrum and Ra'Mone Billings at the 2007 Charity Game at Browns Stadium

Sam (VASJ grad) and Laura (Richmond Heights grad) both attend The Ohio State University. Samantha is also an accomplished singer/songwriter starting out on a promising career in music and just put out her first CD! She even fired up a set of tunes for everyone in the rain at the Charity Game last season at a D1 tailgate party. Sam is majoring in psychology and will earn her BA this year and will then work on adding an Associates degree in sign language after graduating this year and she ultimately hopes to become an interpreter. Samantha helped lead VASJ to a state title in volleyball her sophomore year in high school.

Samantha performing on stage

Laura is also working on her B.A. in psychology and will graduate from OSU in 2009. She plans on working in human resources specializing in recruitment after school, but you never know. Laura is a pretty good athlete herself and also plays a mean game of volleyball. She really enjoys hanging out with her friends too!!


Sorry guys, they are both in relationships but are still a lot of fun to be around. We’ll miss Sam at the June UFC event because she’ll be in concert that weekend in Springfield, Ohio with country stars John Michael Montgomery and Darryl Worley. What a great honor that will be for her. We’re hoping to get Laura to the event like she was last year and who knows...we may even bust out with some new “D1 Girl recruits.”

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